New Ubuntu Jaunty Screen


At the moment I’m trying out the beta for Ubuntu Jaunty and one the first thing I noticed was the new version of screen available!

Initially you are provided with a menu to choose a theme!

I went with option 3, Ubuntu Dark! You’re then presented with an interesting new screen display, with 2 rows of status at the bottom, in lots of colours, displaying information about the CPU and RAM etc!

There’s a prompt to press F9 for options which presents a curses based interface to change settings and the information on the bottom status bar.

After smiling a little, I decided my best course of action was to delete the screen settings

rus@boosh:~$ rm -rf .screen*

and restart screen using option 1, plain! It’s not that I fear change, but I don’t need to know any of that information! It doesn’t add value to my terminal experience, where as the extra 2 lines of space will!

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