moves to WordPress!


As you can tell has undergone a fairly hefty overhaul and is now being managed by WordPress! This offers several advantages to me namely

  • ease of maintenance (someone else is writing the code!!)
  • code i write is now usable by other people
  • learning wordpress properly is a new job/career skill
  • no more lucene bridge! (it broke a lot anyway)

All the content has been migrated, but as you can see, the theme is a standard wordpress skin, so lots to do still!

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Hi, I'm Rus and after 10 years of Linux administration and software development, in September 2014 I quit my day job, sold all my stuff and moved to Thailand to live the good life. My new website, shows how I'm making money online as well as what life can be like when you're not sat behind a desk and are free to make your own decisions!