Building Your First VR Experience In Decentraland


This is a brief video and tutorial on building your first VR experience in the Decentraland VR platform and getting you started with the tools, a-minus syntax. By the end of this tutorial you will have an area of land with a Lambo on it you can walk around. Publishing the land to the Ethereum blockchain will come in a later video.

Sorry for the fan noise, the client seemed to have killed my CPU 🙂

First you need to install node from either:

I am currently using version 8.9.1

Then you need to install the Decentraland CLI tool. The tool is documented at but is installed with the command


I ran in to a bug where the first time I ran the install command it failed to install. When I ran it for a second time it installed fine.

Now create your decentraland directory, I’m calling mine rus-demo


Now run dcl init inside the directory you just made


Download the lambo files from

Extract the models and put them in the models folder

Open the scene.xml in your favourite text editor, replace the contents with the following a-minus code to display an object.


Save the scene.

Run dcl start.


Drive your lambo to the moon.

The Decentraland marketplace has now been launched at

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